Scrap MetalWhen people talk about recycling, they normally think of paper and plastic. Metal, as one of the most consumed and critical components of modern living, is a material that needs recycling as well. If you or your business consumes a lot of metal and have many used metal lying around, it’s important for you to consider scrap metal recycling.

Here are three of the biggest advantages of engaging in this earth-saving activity:

1. Reduced Consumption

The world has a finite number of resources that we tend to consume at a rapid pace. When it comes to processing new metals from ore, this includes oil and other combustibles. This also leads to harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling metals conserve a lot of the earth’s natural resources and reduce harmful emissions that influence climate change. Studies have found that recycling metal generates 97% less waste.

2. Reduced Energy Usage

As scrap metal recycling doesn’t consume many resources, it also doesn’t require much energy. For more pliable metals, like aluminium and copper, you have 90% to 92% energy savings. Tougher metals only offer up to 60% savings, but that’s still significant in the long run. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that a single recycled aluminium can conserve enough to power up a 60-watt bulb for up to four hours.

3. Increased Jobs

Finally, the metal recycling industry generates up 36 times more jobs than wasting scrap metals. Pair that with over USD 236 billion generated annually. That in itself shows that this industry plays a big role in the economy of the U.S. and the world. Apart from being a means to help the earth, it’s also a way by to care for the people living in it.

Recycling scrap metal is all about being responsible for caring for the world and its resources, but it’s also contributory to critical job creation that helps people as well. Those make it worth the investment in time and effort.