The living room is a very special place. It is where homeowners come to relax, turn on the television or go on a chat with guests while enjoying a cuppa. This room needs the right lighting, the right furniture and of course, the right flooring to make it even more special.

When choosing a certain type of flooring, a little homework can go a long way. Homeowners need to consider the budget, the amount of foot traffic it will need to withstand and the style or overall theme of the house.

Here are some living room ideas for every taste and need:

Wood for Lasting Natural Beauty

There are only few souls brave enough to pull back old carpets and reveal the pristine hardwood flooring underneath. With plenty of choices in terms of stain colour, hardwood floors can make the living room look and feel remarkably polished, refreshed and updated.

With the right care, this type of flooring ages gracefully. It also develops a gleam that fake ones cannot ever match.

Carpet for Warmth

Nothing else warms up a room physically and visually as much as a carpet, it is soft, warm, comfortable underfoot and comes in a range of textures and colours, such as those at It is perhaps one of the most versatile flooring options, since there is a style for every budget, from polyester fibre to wool.

Neutral-coloured ones are especially great for homeowners who want to downplay the floors. For rooms with high ceilings, bold hues are ideal to balance the space.

Natural Stone for Elegance

Natural stone has the strong feel that tends to work in spaces like living rooms. This flooring works especially well for certain architectural styles like Old World rooms and modern expanses. With unique features formed eons ago under the earth, stone flooring is a sophisticated and very durable option.

Those who want to enjoy an Italian palazzo for instance may pair polished stone floors and a dramatic stone fireplace for an elegant look.