A girl riding a horseIt goes without saying that any classification of rodeo clothing is not complete without women’s wear. That includes boots, shirts, vests, rodeo queen tiaras and crowns, hat bands. Also gun belts, horse chaps, breeches, bull riding helmets, bolo ties and belt buckles.

To help you make an informed decision about which particular women’s western vests you should buy when you next go shopping, A.A. Callister shares three of the most common ones to consider:

Leather Vests

These are the most common among women’s rodeo clothing. They come in various designs including with straps, studded chest areas, smooth zips, leather fringes, and bone and tassel front accents. Others come in Native American Indian style with braided yokes, rose inlays, and bone style front buttons.

If you do not like toughened leather, you can opt for top-grade brushed leather, which is light and soft to touch.

Faux Vests

The vests can either be faux fur, faux leather, or faux shearling fur (soft faux fur with suede). And you can choose a length of your choice with these any types of vests with or without a removable hood. You can also order yours in quilted floral, zebra or Aztec print, or in colored plaid.

Canvas Vests

Yes, you can have a rodeo vest in a canvas material. Most people that purchase these, like them for how easy it is to imprint any pattern of your choice. They are also relatively affordable than those of other materials.

On the other hand, blue jean denim vests, however rare, are a type you can also choose if you want a more modern and casual but classy look.

Before you read this piece, you, probably, had not figured out that there is a lot to choose from in women’s western vests. You now have enough information to help guide your choice when you next go shopping for these women’s jackets. Nonetheless, be keen to confirm that the cost of the one you will be choosing matches its quality and level of skill that has gone into making it.