barcode readerFrom the science fiction of the laser gun to the reality of the laser cutter, what was once considered futuristic is now improving various industries, from manufacturing to the healthcare sectors. Laser technology has proved vital to many aspects of life over a short period of time to become an industry favorite. Laser cutters, welders, and C02 laser engravers have made big advances in manufacturing, improving efficiency, economy, speed, and safety.

But using laser technology requires caution and understanding to avoid mishandling and accidents. Here are three basic safety measures to take if working with laser equipment:

1. Don’t look at laser pointer directly

Your vision can easily be impaired when the laser beam hits your eyes. The energy that emanates from the laser beam is so intense that it causes lasting damage to the eye. By design, many laser products avoid the dangers of eye contact with the laser. However, as with safety regulations with other industrial practices, eye protection is often required by law. Their lenses act as filters to sieve out harmful rays and only allow in beams of a particular wavelength that are safe for your eyes.

2. Avoid the risk of electrocution

Laser machines are electrical gadgets and therefore should be handled with the same care of other electrical equipment. The proper and safe use of laser equipment should be clearly defined in the company’s safety policy. While setting up for use, laser operators should be keen to identify and immediately correct errors with chargers, plugs and other connections. They must also be intact, complete, safe and in excellent working condition.

3. Equip laser rooms with fire extinguishers

Staff entering a room where laser technology is operating need to follow safety standards. For example, if a product used in clinical procedures is flammable, the results could be disastrous if exposed to a high power laser beam. Some of the objects that create a risk include plastics, alcoholic solutions, and loose fabrics. As the laser equipment is electrical, CO2 extinguishers need to be placed strategically around the operating area.

Lasers have introduced huge advances in technology and productivity. If handled safely, they will continue to promote success.