Happy Family with their brand new homeWith the proliferation of housing projects and residential subdivisions in the Calabarzon area, Cavite still stands out as one of the best places to find a suburban home. Not only that there are various kinds of properties offered, its close proximity to the metropolitan centers of the National Capital Region (NCR) makes it ideal for house hunting. However, be wise and consider these pointers first before making your final selection.

Is it Flood-Free?

Due to Cavite being a coastal territory, monsoons and typhoons can raise water levels and flood certain areas of the province. Check if the property you’re eyeing is in a flood-free vicinity. Better yet, ask local residents from neighboring houses when you visit your future acquisition. Check the property for water lines and other indications of flooding. You can even ask your realtor, as they’re law-bound to tell you the truth.

How Will You Commute?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a new job in a nearby town or still have your old job in the city. Eventually, you still have to deal with commuting or driving to work on a daily basis. Check the area’s traffic situation. Are their alternate routes available to ease travelling time? Are their various ways to commute to and from work available nearby? This is also important if you have children since they’ll have to travel to and from school every day.

What’s Nearby?

Suburban living doesn’t have to be hermit-like. When choosing your new home, look at properties that have schools, hospitals, recreational centers, and shopping areas near it. If you can find a subdivision that has all of these features within its grounds, then that’s even better. Cavite housing projects like Lancaster New City, for instance, are getting rave reviews because of their quality community planning. In fact, they even have a grand church cathedral inside.

Cavite is a great place to live in. You simply need to know which place you should settle into. Choose well and you’re guaranteed a wonderful home within this continually improving countryside.