marriage proposalNothing can be more amazing or more exciting for any couple than that point where they decide to move forward and wed. If there’s any moment that best marks that critical turning point, it’s the proposal. That one event is simultaneously exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

Here are the three things that you need to think about to ensure the perfect proposal to wow your future fiancée.

The engagement ring

There are two schools of thought when picking the perfect engagement ring in Utah. The first is that you should get what’s costly and beautiful. The second is that you should go for what’s simple. The truth is that you should focus more on what fits your personality and preference as a couple. It’s true that you shouldn’t be cheap when it comes to the engagement ring, but you shouldn’t splurge simply for the sake of splurging. Always revolve around the meaningful.

Involve people special to you

While it’s true that a proposal is an intimate experience, it makes it more special to involve people who matter to you most. It makes it so much more exciting when these people help you set things up, or are on hand to celebrate when you get that sweet, sweet “yes.” Getting them involved will also put your mind at ease that everyone is behind the both of you—literally!

Pick a meaningful place

When it comes to proposals, a lot of people choose the romantic destinations to pop the question. These invariably are high-end restaurants, far off exotic destinations, or other classy location. There’s nothing wrong with those places, but a better suggestion is a place that has a deeper meaning for both of you. Pick the place where you first met, or first shared a kiss, or any other special event that is truly special for the both of you.

With these three things, you can confidently pop the question and reasonably expect a sweet and well-deserved “yes!”