Web designThe purpose of good web design doesn’t just end with making your website look good and appealing, but in making it effective in improving your conversion rate. Mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and fast-loading web design is important for people who come across your site to actually stay, get to know your brand, and become a customer. Here are some design factors you should have to make your conversion rate go higher.


People are visual creatures, and website design should deliver visual appeal first and foremost. This is the most important factor because the other ones won’t even matter if your design is lacklustre and horrible. Go the extra mile by finding fresh-looking stock images, but don’t go over-the-top with colours that are too loud. Every detail should complement each other to present your website the best way possible, according to Studio Publica Limited.


Next, the design should improve the overall user experience. This means from the moment users arrive at your website to the moment they check out with their shopping carts, there should be no confusing element. Just like a smooth sail in the ocean, your website should be so easy to navigate they would just go on and on surfing it. Without user-friendly navigation, people would sink into nothingness and leave without even getting a chance to know your brand.


An exciting web design is the next level of being appealing. An exciting web design is one that is always updated with all the latest craze in the industry that will make a user want more of what you have to offer. An exciting web design is one that will urge even casual visitors to click that Subscribe button for your newsletter. Work with a great web designer to achieve all these and more.

A great web design will do your website wonders when it comes to SEO, earning credibility, and making more profit. Always remember these three important factors to impress casual visitors and ultimately turn them into loyal customers.