Tables, chairs and decorations in weddingIt’s not an exaggeration when people say there are a million and one things to plan when it comes to a wedding. Couples don’t shell out an average of $35,000 for their wedding for only a few factors. Weddings involve nailing down many details and dealing with a lot of different people. That’s why it’s no surprise that one or two – or these four things – get overlooked when planning weddings, especially in Denver, one of the top wedding destinations in the country.

1. Extra Tables and Seats

From the ceremony to the reception, wedding guests typically spend a good portion of the day sitting. Make sure to get table and chair rentals in Denverthat are enough for all the guests at the reception. Experts advise adding 10 percent extra so families who want to sit together can do so.

2. Bad Weather Contingency Plan

The state of Colorado brags about 300 days of sunshine, making it a perfect destination for a wedding. Still, weather varies per location, and some receive snowfall year-round. Make sure to check the typical weather for the date chosen. Based on this, make arrangements for what will happen in case the weather becomes less than ideal on your special day.

3. Guests’ Food Allergies and Restrictions

People have different dietary restrictions so it’s imperative to ask guests about this beforehand. This not only makes the caterer’s job easier when identifying who’s allergic to shrimp or is vegan. It avoids a possible emergency that could put a dent on a flawless day.

4. Vendor Meals

People who deliver the chairs, tables, set design, catering, and the music need to eat, too, but because they often exist in the background, their meals may be overlooked. Make arrangements for them beforehand and coordinate breaks when necessary so they can have their meal, too.

Weddings are supposed to be a joyous and memorable event for the life of couples and their families. And although the big details stand out, it’s important to keep even the smallest details in mind to get hitched without a hitch.