small warehouse with barrels in storeRegardless of the size of your warehouse, it’s very likely that one of these days it’s going to be too little for your needs if you’re experiencing growth right now. When that happens, you may not be in a position to build a bigger warehouse just yet. To make sure that every inch of your small warehouse counts, follow these smart tips.

Utilise Vertical Space

When you’re running out of floor space, you can start thinking of maximising the height of your facility. This means filling the air with merchandise. Install wall shelves in your NZ warehouse to take advantage of all that available, underutilised space.

Avoid Excess Inventory

There are many reasons warehouse managers may want to keep excess inventory in the warehouse. It could be that they want to ensure customer satisfaction or to have complete product lines. The only problem with housing excess is that it results in poor utilisation of space. So calculate from the beginning how much inventory you should have, and avoid any excesses.

Use Space-Saving Storage Equipment

As soon as you start running out of space, take the time to look for the most space-efficient storage equipment you can find. Determine your product inventory levels, as well as your cubic order activity. Then choose single deep and deep storage equipment, depending on what works best for your warehouse.

Know Your Current and Future Requirements

You want storage solutions that are good for both your short and long-term needs. Start by determining your warehouse needs in the next few years. This helps you choose dynamic storage systems that are scalable.

Just because your warehouse is small doesn’t mean that you can’t maximise its available space to meet your storage needs. By implementing just a few steps, you can make sure you have all the space you need for your inventory.