Wallpaper varietyAn accent wall is an easy and stylish way to make a room come to life. You can pick just one wall, surface, or material to focus your creative energy on and that will influence the vibe of the entire space. Color accents are common and widely used because of their flexibility and the unlimited number of paint options available. The selections from Wallpaper Warehouse can match your taste, style, and needs.

Understand the fundamentals of building an accent wall in order to ensure they fit well within a given space.

Basics of an Accent Wall

When you choose to have an accent wall, you avoid the necessity and cost of decorating all four walls of the room. An accent wall offers, essentially, a big transformation without a big transaction. This does not mean it serves as a shortcut when decorating. Rooms can actually benefit more from this style than from a fully painted look that overwhelms a small space. Further, if a room or a bare wall seems as though it is missing something, a subtle and nuanced upgrade is usually more than enough.

Explore simple and creative ways to build an accent wall in order to quickly transform the look of any room. Accents are flexible because they can be paint-based or include decorative additions.

Painting Ideas for an Accent Wall

You can choose a bold color of paint for one side of your room. This is a noticeable change that requires a commitment to painting. Take a look at the surrounding furniture, light, and existing décor in order to find a color that complements everything else in the room. You can choose a bold color that is outside your comfort zone if it enhances the mood you intend to create for the space.

Bold and patterned wall coverings can be changed seasonally or depending on your mood. You can add something seasonal for the entryway, a graphic print to your kitchen or bathroom, or an abstract print for your bedroom. Using wrapping paper is a cheap and non-committal option of achieving this.

Flexible Ways to Accent a Wall

Non-paint options of creating an accent wall include installing wooden planks, hanging antique plates, art, and dried flowers and plants, and adding decals.

Wooden planks are simple to design but are usually geared towards those who are crafty and are looking for a renovation challenge. Hanging antique plates is a common way to decorate a room. You can pick and arrange your favorite decorative plates in a design that speaks to you. Allow a small space to undergo an incredible transformation by hanging large pieces of art. Dried flowers or plant walls attached to a wall can add life and vibrancy to the overall feel of a room.

One other easy way to transform a wall is to decorate it with decal stickers. You have the option of going heavy or light with this design method. They are also easy to stick on, rearrange, and get rid of.

You can design an accent wall with paint and stickers and by hanging various objects. These walls are simple and inexpensive ways for you to decorate a room without having to worry about all four sides.