Recycle Used Motor OilThere is an urgent need to save our environment and this has forced the producing companies and people in general take all kinds of steps to protect the environment. Recycling, avoiding pollution and using lesser amount energy are some common ways to protect the surroundings. Used motor oil should also be recycled and there are many ways of disposing it without harming the environment.

  • Create new biodiesel

There are some devices that have been created and sold by recycling companies, which can be used to transform used oil into fuel oil or biodiesel. These companies also arrange for a free oil pick up at curbside and other convenient locations. So when you change your motor oil, you can dispose the old used oil in this manner, which is an eco-friendly way of disposing it.

  • The processing device

This device is a very compact processing device which mixed used engine oil with another ‘A’ type fuel in a 40-60 ratio. The mixture is heated and filtered many times before micron sized units are produced. These units are emulsified to produce biodiesel or another kind of fuel which can be used for boilers. The device can also effectively get rid of all exhaust gasses and residues, which are formed during this process.

  • This device is popular

This device is slowly gaining popularity, as it has been tested in various environment. It can process nearly 100 litres of used oil in one day and does not cost much to operate. The compact version can be easily installed anywhere and can be connected to boilers directly. This device can reduce the fuel costs by more than 30 %, which is also another way of saving the environment.

There are other companies too that are coming up with other innovative ways to help save the environment, by finding uses of used motor oils. This oil can also be refined and filtered to make it into new oil, by other processes.