Some manufacturing industries can be hazardous for the workers involved. Thus, there are many on-site tools designed and printed to reduce accidents in workplaces, which may seriously injure contractors and employees. Workers sometimes get injured even while attending to normal mundane and regular tasks, especially in certain kinds of industries.

The Take 5 wallet is a safety booklet. According to B&S Printing, it serves as a personal planning tool mainly developed for workers on-site, helping them maintain awareness of the surrounding environment all the time. It also aids in detecting and controlling direct hazards that they may face during their daily activities on-site. This pocket-sized tool helps eliminate accidents; thus, promoting safer environmental conditions for workers.

This Take 5 safety tool is a booklet that details a system all workers should follow before undertaking tasks in a hazardous environment. The book is a user-friendly system that workers have to complete before doing their assigned tasks. It serves as a guide, taking the workers along five clearly structured steps to help detect and control potential disastrous. If a hazard is detected but cannot be controlled in time, then a Hazard Report should be filed on the reverse of the book. This serves as a record to present the problem to the management for further action.

The features of this all-important book include the following:

  • They are well-designed using the topmost extracts from all systems. They also come with an inbuilt guide on how to use the system.
  • They are pocket-sized and compact.
  • They feature 14 hazard points and prompts.
  • The covers are matt laminated, making them weather resistant. As they’re covered in a plastic coil, they can’t be destroyed easily.
  • It’s possible to write up to 50 hazard reports per book.
  • The book is printed in two parts – one for the worker and one to be submitted to the management after completion.

Some advanced systems also come with integrated risk level calculator, a risk assessment matrix card, and a hierarchy of control diagrams. These books can be designed to suit the specific requirements of different industries. They come in different formats and sizes. Some of them are small and about the size of a wallet, while others are large with a number of tables, pads, and insert cards.