Two young people under an umbrella bringing a teddy bear and flowers to a grave site in the rain.In an ideal world, everyone would have a chance to pre-plan their funeral, but that is not the case. Your surviving loved ones will have to be the one responsible for choosing and arranging your funeral and cemetery locations.

If you want to make these choices for yourself, the things you need to consider are location, cemetery types, plot details, and rules and regulations. While there are many cemetery plots for sale, you need to take into consideration where is the best place to be laid for eternity. Here are the different main types of cemeteries for those who want to make funeral arrangements in West Valley City.

Public Cemeteries

These are for-profit cemeteries owned individually or corporately and is the most common type of cemetery. You can search online or from local knowledge. Find reviews and compare cemeteries based on location price.

Religious Cemeteries

Many churches, synagogues or mosques have their cemeteries for members of their religion and are often non-profit. These cemeteries are smaller and you would need to be a member of the church or organization to get burial rights.

National Or Veteran’s Cemeteries

These are non-profit cemeteries reserved for those who have served in the military, their spouses, or other immediate family members. Prices usually include everything from plot to maintenance.

District Or Municipal Cemeteries

These are owned by local governments and are non-profit. This is where most people who cannot afford burial services are laid to rest, hence it fills out much faster than other types of cemeteries.

Green Cemeteries

This type of eco-friendly cemetery is gaining popularity fast. These cemeteries don’t usually require grave liners, so they are much more affordable than the other types of cemeteries. And as these cemeteries promote a green and clean burial, they may require that no embalming fluid be used on the deceased and that the casket must be biodegradable.

Cemetery Fees

An itemized breakdown of what exactly you are paying for will help make it easier to compare your options. Check the fees from a cemetery and make sure to ask for all costs, including the present and future charges.