A glass sliding doorGlass sliding doors come with massive panes of glass from the top to the bottom of every door panel. This design magnifies natural light, making sure that your family can relish in the floodlit interiors all through the day. Integrating glass sliding doors from altro.net.au into your Melbourne home is a wise move because of their several design benefits that add a certain charm to your home.

Outdoor or Indoor Flow

Glass sliding doors create a continuous flow of the indoor and outdoor areas of your home, thus making it easy to bring the indoors outside. The massive glass panes of sliding doors even provide year-round views of your landscape garden and panoramic sights further down.

Impressive Glazing

Sliding doors can serve as a remarkable tool for parents as they provide a clear view of the outdoor spaces of their home. This allows them to keep a watchful eye on their kids. This also comes with several practical options, such as those that reduce dangerous UV rays by 98 per cent. Energy efficient glazing can also prohibit loss of energy, offer acoustic insulation, and lower condensation and frost on the glass.


Setting up glass sliding doors offer a classy aesthetic to your home. They provide a simple and sleek appearance that matches any architectural style. Its practical and functional design even magnifies outdoor views, natural light and provides easy functionality.

Bonus: Environmentally-Friendly

Glass sliding doors are not only great for the eyes, but they are also perfect for the environment. There are glass sliding doors that come equipped with eco-friendly characteristics. For instance, residents can purchase sliding doors that have wooden linings, which is robust, renewable and is a great insulator.

Sliding doors have not only several functional advantages but also aesthetic wise, too. These can help improve the appeal of your home and even add more to its value.