modern working space

Work continues to evolve to meet the demands of clients and workers. But a dynamic synergy in established companies, as well as startups and entrepreneurial ventures, remains a common denominator between the two.

Big companies aim to get back the feel of a startup. At the same time, entrepreneurs try to create the feel of a corporate structure, finding ways to leave the home office setup. Quest Workspaces tries to address these trends through co-working spaces.

Departments as Startups

Corporations understand that there are initiatives which should be done outside of the office. They would allow projects and departments leeway to create and cultivate their own culture.

As an example, HSBC recently rented co-working space for 300 of their staff. This way, the company was able to address the issue of a growing staff and the need for short-term project offices. Other companies like Microsoft, Dell, and Deutsche Bank have also rented co-working space for their team.

Putting up staff in co-working spaces allows them to develop their ideas without the pressure of a hierarchical management. There is no fear of micromanagement and possible interference from other departments.

Entrepreneurs Feeling Corporate

Startups have a reputation as having no, or at least not adhering to traditional corporate structures. As far as a corporate culture is concerned, co-working spaces allow entrepreneurs to rub shoulders with other startups and even with corporate workers. The setup enables them to share ideas, and pick up on others’ corporate culture, motivations and work ethics.

The hardest part of working from home, therefore, is the lack of structure. In a co-working space, the entrepreneur can find authenticity in themselves, via the support of others in the co-working offices.

Co-working as a concept is a work in progress. It started catering to startups and entrepreneurs and provided a sense of structure, collaborative space, and community. It is evolving to include corporate teams which feed on the vitality and culture of startups. Co-working will continue to evolve as it addresses the needs of both startups and corporations.