Surgeons operating

Your hospital certainly does save lots of lives every year. However, sometimes mistakes happen in health facilities that hurt patients. While it is understandable that your doctors and nurses are human and thus prone to making mistakes, they can easily avoid some errors.

Could you be making any of the following preventable mistakes in your hospital

Inadequate Specialists

When a patient gains admission in your hospital, it is important that a qualified physician and nurse attend to them, especially if they are in the ICU. In case you are experiencing an urgent shortage of personnel, get a nurse or doctor from the available locum tenens as you wait to fill the position.

You may want to check a ton of locum tenens online resources that contain useful information on how to resolve your hospital’s staffing issues. You can get these from websites such as Locum Tenens Daily

Medication Mistakes

Often, hospitals give the wrong medicines, particularly when patients are in transitions of care. When a patient is in your hospital, it is important to ask them for a list of every medication they are taking so you do not administer the wrong drugs. When wrongly used, drugs can have deadly consequences.


Each year, misdiagnosis plagues numerous patients in health facilities around the world. This medical malpractice leads to recommending the wrong medication, often with severe results. Have skillful practitioners in your hospital to avoid this costly mistake.

Surgical Errors

While surgical errors are rare, when they happen they can lead to serious consequences. A surgeon may operate on the wrong organ or puncture a sensitive body part during a surgical procedure. Sometimes a nurse’s negligence in offering the right post-operative care can result in infection.

To avoid this, hire experienced personnel and insist on them being careful during surgical operations.

Medical malpractice in your hospital could lead to loss of life, not to mention the costly lawsuits that could ruin your business for good. Ensure you have enough skilled practitioners in your facility and eliminate simple errors that could place lives in jeopardy.