Printing machineCompanies are still relying heavily on print media despite the push to move to a paperless economy. It then remains important to produce quality prints because they hold the company’s most vital information. One of the factors that affect the quality of the print is the type of paper used.

While no particular paper suits all kinds of printing, it pays to select the right material for the right project. In such a case, you would want to have an experienced printing company that offers quality printing services to assist.

Below are the various kinds of coated paper available on the market:

Cast Coated Paper

The glossiness of paper comes from an application of clay coating, which is applied during the manufacturing process. Cast coated paper undergoes an extra step where it is compressed under stainless steel rollers and polish, giving it an extra shine. The extra coating makes the images printed on the sheet look classy and sophisticated, and that is why most people prefer cast coated paper.

Glossy Paper

Glossy paper also goes through the process of coating, but it is instead given a glossy finish on top. The gloss makes it shiny, smooth and gets it to reflect light. The most common use of glossy paper is photographs, magazines and posters.

Matte Paper

The word matte generally means that the paper does not go through the process of giving it an extra shine. While the paper is still clay-coated to enhance image quality, the surface is usually less reflective. Newsletters, booklets, and announcements are mostly printed on matte paper because it is easier to read.

Coated paper is now the norm in the printing industry because the quality of the images printed on them is stunning. In addition to helping you choose the right type of paper, the printing company should also help you select the right weight and brightness of the paper. A combination of those three qualities makes for a perfect print work.