Construction Worker Looking at a CraneConstruction crane rental service in Houston will be more necessary after the city announced a large-scale plan for its recovery post-Hurricane Harvey.

The city government said that it seeks to spend more than $1 billion for housing reconstruction efforts, which includes $600 million for single-family houses and $375 million for apartments. Since February, local officials have worked with the federal government in securing Houston’s appropriate share of recovery aid.

Public Participation

Tom McCasland, Housing and Community Development Department Director, urged residents to express feedback on the plan and point out their particular concerns. The city will request for public input before the initial recovery budget plan will be submitted to the local council on June 27.

The estimated $1 billion budget may be a lot of money, but McCasland said that it still wouldn’t be enough to meet the demand for housing recovery in Houston. Despite the shortfall, the proposed budget marks a tangible advancement towards rehabilitation efforts in the city.

Housing Recovery

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will have the final say on the plan. It will require at least 70% of funds to be allocated for low-income families, particularly those that earn below 80% of the city’s median household income worth $60,000.

While a large portion of the funds will be spent on housing recovery, the budget also includes miscellaneous expenses. For instance, $60 million goes towards social services and homelessness programs, and $30 million for economic aid such as credit and technical support for small businesses. Another $20 million will be spent on hiring contractors and staff to assist in managing the recovery work.

Almost a year has passed since Harvey, but its impact continues to be seen in Houston. The plan will mostly benefit victims, and the intended money that will be spent on construction work will provide more people with jobs to help them get back on their feet.