hotel reception counterThe reception area is where you greet visitors and give them the first look at your company, so it has to look interesting and presentable. With that said, the reception counter is the first thing that visitors see when they enter your office, so you better make a great impression.

Reception counters come in a wide variety of shapes with unique designs specifically shaped to make visitors feel welcome. Listed below are some of the materials used to make them:

1. Wood Material

The combination of wood and glass is the most common materials in modern designs of reception counters. This can come in surprising forms and shapes. Moreover, wood is the favourite material in most projects. Given the versatility of wood and its different kinds, you will see many unique and unusual reception counter designs.

2. Laminate Material

Reception counters with laminate layers are cheaper than wood and are the more affordable choice. It is a thin sheet usually made of plastic and glued on a fiberboard surface. The material is used to mimic the look of real wood and stone. These can come in a wide array of designs for you to choose.

3. Other Materials

Many reception counters also use other materials as well as combine them with wood and laminate layers. Examples of these are stone, cement, metal, leather and glass. These can also be used on either the face or side.

A great looking reception counter conveys professionalism, quality of work and success. Investors would not want to do business with companies who look cheap and unprofessional. Remember to do proper maintenance and clean the counters daily. Lastly, before deciding which and what kind of material is best suited for your office, make sure to do your research first.