Owning a Property in Osaka, JapanLiving abroad has become easier for most people, thanks to the more global approach of countries around the world.

For those who love Asian culture and heritage, Japan would have to be one of the dream home places to top most travel lists. If you’re looking to stay in Japan for a while, priority number one would have to be finding the right place to make into your home base for the next few months or so.

Knowing the language of renting apartments

The design of Japanese versus Western-style apartments is just the surface differences. So when you try to look for Osaka property to transfer to, it’s best to be familiar with the common jargon used when looking at Osaka property, according to sumitomo-rd.com.sg.

RealEstate.co.jp lists a few important terms that will be thrown around when you’re in the business of apartments and rentals. The most common is the term for the layout of the apartment. Don’t be surprised to see the terms “3DK” or “2DK.”

“D” refers to dining room, “K” refers to the kitchen area, and the number refers to the rooms that can be used as bedrooms or living rooms. The main rooms in Japanese apartments are usually measured depending on the number of tatami mats that can be fitted in the room.

Tatami can be indicated by jou (帖), which is the measure used in apartments. For the most part, tatami sizes are standard at 1.8m x 0.9m. Tokyo sizes may be a little smaller. For those looking to save space, there’s also a system kitchen offered. This is basically a multi-purpose kitchen that has functional capabilities of dishwashing, counter cabinets, and more.

Using rentals and agents

There are two main ways that you can get started on hunting for a place to stay in Osaka. Apartment listing sites are a dime a dozen. Usually, there are a number of real estate agents who are also listed in these sites, SurvivingnJapan reported.

Real estate agents are good if you are not as familiar with the Japanese language and the jargon of real estate in the country.

There are also some services that provide easy access and a one-stop site for customers who are looking at Osaka property. Among the solutions that they offer include advice for property-related fees, management assistance, and even renovation and interior design for the rented home.

Explore the real meaning of “kuidaore”

Now that you’ve decided to live in Osaka, there is no reason why you would not want to explore why it has been called the city of “kuidaore.” Translated, this means to eat until you’re so full to bursting.

Considering the city’s highly-valued cuisines, this is not such a surprising depiction. Luxury can be seen in the way the food is prepared, as well as in the vast array of local cuisines that are a must-try.

When describing fast food in Osaka, it’s not about the big fastfood corporations, though you can find them somewhere in the city. Osaka’s brand of fast food involves fried foods in stalls scattered around the city as well as in its well-known food hotspot, Dotonbori. Some of these food items include the okonomiyaki, the kushikatsu, the instant ramen noodles in the konbinis (convenience stores), and even the revolving conveyor belt sushi stores, The Guardian reported.

Osaka is a great place to move, whether you are a single professional or a starting family looking to settle. Apart from being the centre for cuisine culture in Japan, it also offers the best of both worlds — modernised appeal of a globalised culture and traditional heritages and sites to see.