Chemical BarrelsProper handling of hazardous waste is essential in a safe work environment. Harmful chemicals could be released in the air, groundwater, and soil when certain liquids used for manufacturing processes are not stored properly. Handling any chemical that poses a risk is a threat to your employees, your business establishment, and the environment.

Proper storage and handling of any liquid component in the manufacturing industry is often a vital business requirement any company should follow, and here are three of the most basic ways to safely handle dangerous chemicals.

Store using proper storage materials

You need to store any toxic chemical or waste in a sealable container that’s compatible with the waste to prevent its release to the environment. These containers should be appropriately labelled. You could also use an intermediate bulk containers or IBC spill bunds so that chemicals are contained and retained in case of spillage.

Build a safe storage area

Any chemical with harmful effects must be stored in a designated area where only authorised persons have access. This area should be identified area to prevent secondary containment. Make sure to have a regular inspection so that small problems are quickly addressed.

Inform your employees

Your workforce should be well-informed about the chemicals they are handling as well as the presence of hazardous waste in their work environment. They should know the proper procedures when handling such chemicals and wear the appropriate safety gear to prevent contamination.

These necessary measures will go a long way in protecting your company and your employees. If you need proper guidance on how to handle toxic chemicals and waste, you should work with a qualified hazardous waste disposal company to manage the clean-up and the storage. The manufacturing process can be demanding on any business, but the protection of your workers and the environment should come first to any business owner.