Sydney, AustraliaHow do you imagine your first trip with the family? It could be fun with just a handful of people — but if everyone brought along their children and their spouse’s nieces and nephews, the trip becomes more challenging.

There are a few things, however, that can make your trip more manageable even with a moderate to a large group. Here are some lifesavers to remember:

Hire a Bus

You want the convenience of comfortable seats and plenty of room minus the hassle of going on public transport with everyone in tow. The perfect compromise, as Concord Coaches might tell you, is to hire a bus to travel Sydney’s roads. The bus comes with a driver who could likely also point out the best attractions. Plus, you have your privacy while on board. It’s like going on a mini guided tour, minus the strangers.

Use an App

Australia is a progressive country, so you will definitely not run out of tourism apps to use on your trip. When it comes to looking for the best places to eat, have fun and relax, you will be given plenty of family-friendly options straight from Google Maps. There are also apps targeting local communities, which makes every suggestion relevant to your current location.

Mind the Weather

The weather app is your best friend when it comes to deciding the day’s itinerary. You may expect plenty of sunshine or rain depending on the season but do watch out for days that are especially hot or cold. Going outside on those days could present a problem if your group is not ready for the weather.

While you may face some challenges along the way, you can also prepare to outsmart the problems. Keep your wits about you and have fun on your Australian trip!