A person stepping on a chemical spillBusinesses that use any potentially hazardous chemicals must guarantee that they have quality spill control products, including containment bunds, on hand. When facing an emergency, it would be best to equip yourself with materials that you completely trust to contain the spill.

With proper equipment, you know that your workers can efficiently and quickly deal with the circumstance. This way, your whole response plan will work the way you intended it to. Besides, using low-grade or faulty equipment means risking your business and your team’s health.

Portable Bunds

For companies dealing with chemicals and other dangerous liquids, portable bunds should be a must-have. This product commonly includes a grab side support design that permits basic erection or entry to the bund just by folding the sides. These are a durable solution for they are quite easy to manage and simple to erect.

Portable Fluid Holding Tank

A portable fluid holding tank is a massive specially manufactured tank liner supported by a foldup frame to form a storage unit or tank. Some can carry 9,000 litres of liquid, so they serve as the best spill control solution, especially for massive spills. Besides, these don’t require any assembly or inflammation because they are ready to use. Thus, a quick emergency response time for your team.

Silt Curtains

For businesses in the dredging, construction, and piling industries, silt or floating curtains would be quite beneficial for their line of work. These are effective in keeping sediments or silt formed by your projects from spilling or seeping into water systems.

To be able to control any spill, better invest in the proper equipment. Spill control products made from high-quality materials and processes should be easy to store, durable, light, easy to use and 100 per cent effective.