Web DesignWeb design is just like any other field in existence: trends come and go with time. Unlike others, however, web design trends are primarily driven by a single, powerful factor: tech advancement. As long as technology keeps getting refined, you can expect new trends year in and year out.

That said, outfits such as TheSphereAgency.com.au and their counterparts must gear up for the new batch of design trends that’ll come forth as the new year rolls in. Here’s a few of them.

Cinemagraphs Will Gain Further Ground

If you’ve seen any of the Harry Potter movies, you’ll likely remember the paintings or pictures with images that move and seem alive. That’s basically what cinemagraphs are — they are images which capture a little movement in a static photo. When viewed, they seem to come to life. Experts predict that cinemagraphs will gradually replace traditional animated GIFs, with people seeing more “moving” photos that still offer the perks of a still image.

Custom-Drawn Illustrations Take Centre Stage

In the past, designers looking to add a custom illustration to their palette simply grabbed existing vector images from the web. While this does save a good amount of time and resources, it’s not really ‘authentic’. For 2016, sites like CreativeFreedomGuide, For Better Coffee and others will enable easier integration of hand-drawn illustrations to a specific design, allowing added authenticity and artistic spunk.

More Opportunities to Play With Fonts

Any site can be colourful, but a vibrant palette is meaningless without savvy typography. With web fonts becoming increasingly accessible for everyone, you can expect that wordplay will be at par with colour play in terms of design importance. There’s also the possibility of hues and fonts getting mixed.

Semi-Flat Design Is In

The “flat” design of recent years is getting an overhaul for 2016. Known as ‘semi-flat design’, this motif is akin to a cruder version of 3D. Semi-flat design has gradually worked its way to the public with Android’s and Apple’s efforts, and is specifically aimed to counteract the issues that came with the original flat design.

One may say that the look of the world wide web is changing rapidly, and the aforementioned trends prove it. With 2015 coming to a close, we can expect the following year to harbour more changes in store — not to mention pleasant surprises.