tracking business solutionHandling more than 80% of goods in the entire United States, trucking is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. In fact, market projections declare that the sector is likely to grow up to 3.4% for the next five years — and to top the $1 trillion dollars in 2024.

With such high figures at play, Equinox Business Solutions noted that you can’t and shouldn’t take a chance with your books. One misstep could put your business at risk or invite legal trouble from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, by avoiding pitfalls that double up as money sinkholes, you can get a bigger slice of this cake.

Hire slow and fire quick

Your firm’s credibility, reputation, and success rest on your ability to recruit the best trucker. Their conduct on the road and interaction with clients all bear a reflection on the business. As such, you need to practice great caution when hiring staff members. Be sure to do a thorough background check on all your new hires to ensure that they’re licensed and certified. The wrong caliber of drivers can leave you with traffic infractions and even cost you many clients.

Encourage your drivers to stay healthy

Long-haul truckers are prone to health complications. They suffer from high cholesterol levels and are more susceptible to hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Knowing that over 50% of these drivers are obese only makes matters worse. Having these drivers on payroll bears a considerable downside.

For starters, you’ll need to spend a fortune on medical care insurance and deal with many sick days. Secondly, obese drivers suffer from restless sleep at night and it makes them sleepy during the day — posing a great risk on the road. By encouraging your employees to embrace a healthy lifestyle, you can avert a great disaster later.

The future of the trucking business shines bright and is projected to grow into the future. By getting the right drivers and encouraging them to stay healthy, you can run a seamless operation.