Office building staircaseThe stairs are an essential part of many workplaces. Aside from being functional, they could likewise lend style in your workplace. However, stairs could also be dangerous if improperly designed and reinforced. To avoid injuring yourself, workers, and visitors, consider the following safety guidelines:

De-Clutter It

Clutter on the stairs is a definite no-no. You need to keep the stairs free of items that could lead to a misstep and in turn, a slip and fall. Consider installing some shelves beside the stairs to prevent clutter from collecting on the stair treads.

Tread It and Nose It

For darker stairways, or if you want better visibility, consider using anti-slip treads with reflective stripes. Many treads run the stair’s surface and fills out most of the flat surface. For greater support, you could likewise incorporate stair nosing, in stainless steel or rubber, that’s applied to the first couple of inches on the step’s edge to prevent slippage.

Carpet It

Carpet runners help soften footfalls and support traction, but you need to be careful when using patterned runners. Colour and pattern is fine, but make certain that what you choose would enable the eye to differentiate the tread’s nose from the next step.

Rubberise It

Rubber mats made specifically for stairs offer additional traction and are perfect for locations where people go from wet surfaces to dry surfaces, like back entries and basements. These rubber mats are heavy and tacky enough that they won’t require adhesive.

Install it with Handrails

Most commercial building codes require handrails on both sides of the stairway. In addition, they also usually require that the handrails’ endpoints return to the walls to avoid clothing and straps from snagging at the bottom or top of the stairway. Check your local building codes to ensure that your stairs comply with the codes.

Slippery stairs could easily put you, your workers, and your visitors at risk for slips and falls. Whether you’re renovating your office, building a new one, or just want to ensure that your workplace is as safe as you could possibly make it, follow the tips above and you could no wrong.