Businessman With Binoculars Spying On His CompetitorsSpying on your competitors has good reasons. It lets you know how they are doing. It gains you insights on their strategies. It helps you maintain your edge over them.

With the use of modern technology, taking a sneak peek at your online competitors is now easier than ever. Read on and learn about the different ways that you can use to know how you can stay ahead in the game.

Monitoring tools

Try to Google the words "competitor monitoring software", and you will be surprised at how many hits will come up. The reason? Many companies do spy on their competitors; thus, the need for such programs is on the rise. One example of these programs is the online pricing tracker of PriceManager, which lets you track competitive intelligence. 

Facebook ads

Facebook is a battlefield in itself. Have you ever wondered how some companies can garner likes and shares so easily when you are having a hard time doing the same for your business? Fidgeting with your Facebook setting can help you uncover a wide array of tactics that you can use for yourself.

Job sites

Knowing which types of employees they are in need of can give you two ideas. One is that they are weak in that certain area due to the lack of experienced employees (thus they are looking for one), or they are cooking something up (thus the need for fresh skills).

Clients' testimonials

If your competitors are often a step ahead of you, know why. There is no better way to do that than by asking from their clients. A simple phone interview or market survey on their customers can give you a perspective on how they do their business.

You do not need to be James Bond or Ethan Hawke to spy on your competitors. All you need are the right tools and skills, and you will get the information that you need.