Invisalign and a toothbrushThe metallic shine and sheen of traditional dental braces and modern orthodontic appliances are arguably two of the primary reasons UK adults shy away from them.

They feel uncomfortable with the thought of having shiny metal wires and brackets on their teeth since they know that these will draw the attention of people, even distract them.

So rather than always feeling uncomfortable in social situations, they either do not go through with the necessary treatment or just simply keep away from social situations.

Where the nearly invisible Invisalign comes into play

Invisalign has the distinct advantage of utilising clear aligners as its straightening appliance. The transparency of the removable aligners is what makes them almost see-through as if the patient is not wearing any oral appliance.

In fact, they are nearly invisible that even at close-up, other people will barely, even not notice that the other person is wearing them at all.


In addition to having a much-welcome “lack of appearance,” the way that the invisible aligners cling properly and snugly to the tooth also give them their non-obstructive characteristic.

This is all thanks to how accredited and experienced Hertfordshire Invisalign dentists such as Much Hadham Dental Care will create custom aligners for you.

Made specifically for you

In other words, the oral professional will use the specific measurement, width, span, and your other tooth and mouth characteristics to order tailor-made appliances for your treatment.

With their proper fit, combined with its removable use you can eat whatever you desire without worrying about damaging the appliances, since you simply have to remove them before eating.

As long as you follow your dentist’s recommendations on when to return for your next check-up and get your new aligners, you can expect to notice positive results in just a short period.

You will soon see that considerable differences in how your teeth align with one another and how that significant gap in your bite is closing up.