an airconMost people should know that choosing between centralized or room air-conditioning systems will require them to think about their budget.

If you live in a state with high electricity rates, then installing a room air conditioner may be a better option. But a centralized system requires little to no maintenance and may save you money over the long term. AirNow Cooling & Heating suggests that customized systems not only save you money but also maximize your comfort.

Choosing a System

A room air conditioner will be better if you rent an apartment or home since it seems impractical to install a central AC system when you only plan to stay for a specific time. The right kind of room air conditioners should fit the size of an enclosed space at home, most likely in the bedroom.

Choose a larger type of AC if the room has higher ceilings or has too much sunlight during the day. If you live in Alabama, you most likely spent almost $1,750 on electricity in 2016 based on the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s EIA numbers.

Higher Spending

The EIA said that households in Alabama spent about $400 more than the U.S. average for electricity expenses two years ago. A reason for the higher spending involves the use of air-conditioning systems in almost every house in the state.

When planning a routine check for electrical systems, you need to include a budget for AC repair. In Montgomery, AL, and other cities, your expenses for maintaining an efficient air-conditioning system will largely depend on where and how often you use it at home. So if you have a limited budget, go with a room air conditioner instead of a centralized system.

Renters may be better off buying a room air conditioner, while those who own a house should consider installing a centralized system. In the end, the type of air-conditioning system you choose will depend on your preferences and budget.