Victorian HomeMany authentic Victorian homes exist even in today’s modern world. Far removed from their origins in the Victorian era, these houses naturally do not possess the features of modern living spaces. Unless it has been your lifelong dream to live in an authentic Victorian property and refuse to touch anything that would change it in any way, you might encounter some problems, such as:

  • The interior is too dark
  • There is no room for additional furniture
  • The bathrooms are too small
  • There are too many small rooms instead of several big ones
  • The original oak and just about everything—from the bathroom fixtures to the doorknobs—are just old

There are ways to transform your old Victorian house without destroying its original design or resorting to additions and subtractions that might overwhelm its past beauty. It’s understandable that you want to turn your classic home into something that does not look out of place in today’s architectural styles.

The Real Problem is There are Too Many Walls

Instead of tearing down the entire wall, separate them to build openings like archways. Do this to open up the small rooms and the maze-like hallways. For the walls that you would rather keep, repaint or replace them with wallpapers to improve their appearance. Cie-Elle Digital Imaging and interior designers suggest hanging artworks and high quality prints that give off the Victorian feel.

While your Victorian house looks charming and classy from the kerb, it may look like a maze of walls, doors and tiny rooms. Believe it or not there is a reason these walls are there. In older homes, the walls are typically load bearing, which means that if you tear them down, the upper floors will lose support and begin to sag. This is unsightly and dangerous. Apart from designing the interiors, make sure to hire contractors who can inspect your home properly and make sure that there are no risks in your remodeling project.

A Victorian is a beautiful home with history. When you modernise it, make sure you keep the features that give it character, and improve those that you would rather see that exhibits your personality and preferences.