No one likes the hassles involved with moving, much less finding residential rental properties that accept pets. When it comes time to move from one apartment to the next, there’s generally more to than meets the eye. Finding pet-friendly rental accommodations isn’t always easy. This means your options may be limited when you start searching for a home for you and your pet.


Here are some tips to help you in the search:

Use your resources

Contact the local animal care agency serving the area into which you’re moving. They may have residential real estate listings that allow pets. It’s a good idea to bring your pet to meet the property owner. Some of those who don’t advertise that they accept pets will negotiate.

Go in well-armed

As with any other renting situation, the more proof you can provide that you’re responsible, the better your chances of securing a home. Get references, veterinarian records, and even a pet resume to show you’re diligent and trustworthy.

Put pen to paper

A verbal agreement isn’t enough. If a property owner agrees to forego a no-pets rule, get it in writing. Offer to jointly create and sign a pet agreement with your landlord, which covers all likely situations that may arise. Before you sign, make sure the property owner states that you have the permission.

Finding a rental property for you and your furry roommate is difficult, but not impossible. So, to successfully rent with pets in the place of your choosing, sometimes a little due diligence is important.