Pair of ringsWith its vibrant economy and bustling metropolitan atmosphere, Birmingham in England is one of the top travel destinations in the UK.

As home to the historic Jewellery Quarter (a hub in the city centre known for its jewellery trade since the 1500s), about 40% of British jewellery comes from Birmingham, making it your best bet to get gorgeous custom-made jewellery.

Jewellery Designer in Birmingham

While it 's a bragging right to own a Birmingham jewellery because of the associated historical vibe, buying bling in the city is more practical compared to purchasing it in big London shops or from online stores.

Birmingham's independent jewellery designers and makers, as well as apprentices, all spell savings especially if you know how to negotiate. There are more than 100 independent jewellery retailers and artisans in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Top Bets

Your top three best bets are:

Bespoke Jewellery Designers. They are your best bet in getting that must-have piece in any classy treasure trove. They specialise in jewellery ordered in advance for that special fit and exclusive design. Bespoke jewellery designers often cater to families or long-term clients.

Classic Meets Contemporary Jewellery Designers. To-go-to designers when it is time to have that family heirloom, they are trained in designing timeless pieces while incorporating a generation’s contemporary look or signature. Count on them to create your special occasion bling as well as gifts, trinkets and keepsakes. 

Modern Jewellery Designers. Combining individual expression with creative possibilities, these artists are great in making statement jewellery with surprisingly fantastic results in terms of design, look and material combination.

Whether you prefer a full-time professional designer or a part-time artisan, always choose a jewellery designer who is a member of accredited guilds in the UK such as the Guild of Jewellery Designers as they carry a guarantee of quality and excellence in service to protect your investment.