Consuming fruits and vegetables is essential, as they are full of nutrients and antioxidants. In recent years however, these nutritious staples have become expensive, and beyond some families’ budgets.

Planning well works great with shopping for groceries, just as planning works well with anything. This is also easier if you shop online, and have the items delivered to your doorstep, saving you effort, time, and money on gas. Some people think online shopping is more expensive due to the added convenience, but online grocery portal Daintree Organics begs to differ, as you will see below.

Here some tips on online grocery shopping that may help:

1. As certain types of items will sometimes be beyond your means in particular seasons, do not buy them when they are at off-season. This means not buying a summer fruit during winter, and vice-versa. Stick to fruits that are in abundance during their season.
2. Set a budget for your shopping, and do not exceed it.
3. You can look at the many stores over the Internet and assess its pricing patterns, the discounts and promotions they offer before picking the suitable store.
4. Many stores have good promotional programs to lure you to buy the produce in bulk, at wholesale prices, which are relatively lower.
5. The stores also usually have discount days every week. In these days, some of the offers on seasonal fruits and vegetables are quite attractive.
6. Don’t compromise on the quality of vegetables and fruits, as you will potentially end up with rotten stuff than edible ones. Should you find price discrepancies between similar products, ask why, especially if you are in a physical store.
7. Buy uncut or unchopped vegetables and fruits instead of chopped ones. The latter is more expensive. You can always chop them yourself, and according to your exact specifications.

Good sense and a little planning will give you a huge advantage in saving money during grocery trips. You can always try online shopping to further augment your savings in the long run.