SEO The images, info graphics, and videos are important types of content that your websites need to use to reach a wider audience. However, the copy of each page also plays an integral role in the grander scheme of search engine optimization. You can’t be vanilla when it comes to copywriting, you’ll need to make it algorithm- and user-friendly.

Experts from Denver on SEO services, such as Third Stage Marketing, cite the following hacks that enable you to write SEO-friendly copy.

Build from the Ground Up

Think of the article as a building you have to build from scratch with a foundation and supports. Focus on a specific topic that may engage a visitor; include pertinent information that he or she may need. Weave your ideas together with salient points and back these up with recent data. Transition phrases help you move from one point to another seamlessly.

Explain to the reader the connection between the details and begin with the least-complicated argument before going to a more complicated one for them to better understand the article.

Level of Awareness

A visitor will land on one of your pages looking for information; however, they are at various levels of awareness that you need to write for. Some are completely unaware of any problem, others have identified it but don’t have an answer, and some understand both but aren’t convinced about choosing you yet.

Create pages and content that cater to the different awareness levels of potential users. Doing so allows you to meet them at a certain level of the sales funnel and reach out to them without coming off as aggressive.

Write for Multiple Keywords

Create copy that hits more than one keyword; focus on writing not just about one fixed set of terms, but their derivatives and variations as well. This approach makes your piece readable and accessible to those that land on your pages.

Copywriting for search engine optimization is an essential aspect of your campaign. Learn to write well by implementing the mentioned techniques and improve your conversion rates in the process.