Solar Heating in New ZealandHave you realised that utility prices in New Zealand increase at every onset of winter? This has been the trend for the last two decades. Without a doubt, these increases have affected your pocket. Now smile because there is a way out of this mess.

Solar heating has taken root and helped thousands of residents heat their homes with a small fraction of their bills. The Electricity Authority reported more than 9,500 solar installations by the end of March 2016, and the number keeps growing. This technology offers the choice to enjoy this and many other benefits. Are you ready to install the system on your property?

Low Installation Prices

Solar heating technology is associated with high costs. Good news for you, technology is now more affordable than ever. Estimates show that solar prices have reduced by more than 75% within the last one decade. With as little as $10,000, you can get a completely installed solar 3kW system in your home.

Fixed Price

This price may still be high for you, but the good thing is that you only pay once for a couple of decades. Upon installation of a solar heating system, you can forget about the unpredictable prices of electricity. With the current increases, you can be sure to save thousands of dollars during the life of the heating system.

Plenty of Sunshine

Wherever you are in NZ, Tim Miller Plumbing explains that it is still worthwhile to install a solar heating system. Looking at the solar radiation map of the country, Invercargill is a poorly performing location by New Zealand standards, but it gets more sun hours than Germany. Mind you, solar panels produce power even when the sky is cloudy.

Take control of your energy bills, increase property value and save money now by going solar. Get an experienced solar heating contractor in New Zealand for installation, if you don’t have one already. They will assess your energy needs and suggest the best system for you.