Technician checking the air conditionWhen temperatures begin to rise, it is easy to find comfort by cranking up your air conditioner. While this technique can offer you and your family some relief, the energy bills can also burn a hole through your pocket. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to save money on your cooling bill without sacrificing comfort.

Air conditioning repair companies in Knoxville, TN share a few tips that could help:

Clean or replace your filters

If you want an efficient AC, you need to clean or replace your air filters frequently; ideally, every 45-90 days, depending on the regularity of use. If you suffer allergies, you should change filters more often. Also, do note that filthy filters can obstruct the flow of cool air, resulting in indoor discomfort, as well as health issues and inefficient energy consumption.

Consider a programmable thermostat

This device enables you to control your HVAC system even when you’re not at home. You can even match the setting to your own schedule, set specific temperatures, or use a timer when you go to work and when you arrive at home.

Use a ceiling fan

While fans cannot entirely cool a room, they move air around the space, which promotes air circulation and also reduces the workload on your AC. This increased circulation, in turn, makes for a cooler environment.

Provide shade for your unit

You can lower your energy consumption and help your unit operate more efficiently by using a tree or awning to shade the AC. Keep in mind, however, that some branches and shrubbery can get into the system and affect the performance of the unit.

Clean your vents

If your AC is on but a certain room or area feels warm, you might want to check and clean your air vents. Note that dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate on the vents and obstruct airflow.

Apart from these tips, there are also cases where it is better to replace an old unit with a new and efficient model. While the cost may seem expensive, initially, the energy savings will be worth it in the long run – newer units are typically more energy-efficient than older models and use less energy. Call an air conditioning expert to determine if you could benefit from a repair or an upgrade.