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Whitening a Yellow Smile: You’re Safe with a Dentist

Deciding to whiten teeth becomes a lot easier and more accessible with affordable options like over-the-counter teeth whitening products. As they are readily available at many shops and stores, it is so convenient to hold on to what they promise, instead of paying a visit to see a cosmetic dentist. Inconsistent and Disappointing Results Despite [&hellip


Five Effective Home Remedies for a Toothache

Is your tooth bothering you? Is your mouth sore and tender? This pain could be a symptom of various dental problems, such as a cavity, gum disease or an abscessed or impacted tooth. It’s important that you have your dentist evaluate the pain STAT. Check out these DIY remedies to help relieve pain until you [&hellip


Tooth Pain-Induced Lack of Sleep and Your Risk for Accidents

You know that tooth decay, or poor oral health in general, can lead to quite painful situations. In some cases, you can bear the pain. More severe cases of cavities and gum diseases, however, can reach degrees of pain that can already lead to sleep disturbances. Serious pain emanating from your affected tooth or gums [&hellip