teacher mentoring studentsThe ability to read and write does not develop naturally and usually requires regular interactions with print material. Children can learn to read and write well if teachers incorporate the proper educational standards and provide instructions that match the students’ learning ability.

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Importance of Instruction

Teachers need to adapt their instruction to account for differences in children’s learning. They need to capitalize on the active and social nature of children’s learning because early instruction and learning can have long-term beneficial effects.

Instruction is central for developing reading and writing skills in children. Teachers are expected to provide enough practice and enough opportunities to analyze topics, generate questions, and organize written responses.

Teachers need to encourage children to become independent, productive readers. Exposing children to challenging materials improves their analyzing capabilities and develops creative thinking using different points of view.

In order to create proper instruction to match how and what children learn, teachers need to form an accurate assessment of children’s knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Reading and Writing Skills

Children are more likely to reproduce proper spellings of words they have never seen or heard if they are given more opportunities to write.

Writing challenges children to be active thinkers. Teachers can integrate writing across different areas of the curriculum. They can encourage children to write as a way to communicate with others and to write for multiple purposes. Children should also be exposed to a wide range of text forms like stories, reports, and informational texts.

Teachers can introduce them to wide genres of reading and have them listen to different stories as a way to enhance their vocabulary development. Repeated exposure to readings can reinforce the language of a text and help children further their reading abilities.