Black USBWhen looking for storage devices to use, buyers often choose from three types of products: SD memory cards, hard disk drives, and USB flash drives. Each product offers distinct uses and advantages. USB drives are popular today because of its portability and durability. Thus, a lot of companies are using corporate USB sticks as promotional items. Here are are some of the advantages of USBs as a promo material.


Regarding size, USBs are much smaller compared to hard disks. They are easy to slip into your pocket or attach to your keychain. Doing these with hard drives is impossible. Due to their durability, USB drives are also easy to carry around.

Big Storage Capacity

Buyers have a wide selection of available memory, depending on their specific needs. Common choices range from 1 to 128 GB. Much bigger capacities are also available today. Lower-capacity USB sticks are often used as company giveaways.


Hard disks have a lot of moving parts. This makes them prone to damages. Unlike HDDs, USB drives don’t have any moving parts. They are less susceptible to damages from drops or shocks.

Fast Transfer Speed

USB drives offer fast transfer speeds of as much as 4.8 GB/S. Even the fastest SD memory cards and hard disk drives can’t match this performance. Speed is important when transferring or downloading large files like movies and games.


Today, USBs are the most preferred method of connecting electronic devices to any computer. This is because users encounter minimal or no compatibility issues when using the device.

Low Power Usage

USB drives use up much less power than other storage options. You don’t have to worry about higher electricity bills. There is no doubt that USB sticks are very popular today because they come with the right mix of convenience and performance. If you are looking for products to use as promotional items, then USB sticks are a perfect choice. Customers will appreciate practical giveaways that they can use for a long time.