Teacher and her studentsSo you’ve finally met your child’s maths teacher. What are you supposed to check to gauge whether they are up to the task? You want a teacher that will inspire and change the life of your child. Here are the traits only passionate teachers have, according to link-education.co.uk.

1. They Enjoy Their Work

No matter how bad the previous night was, good teachers will still have a positive attitude at work. Delving into work the following morning is not an issue to passionate teachers. The secret to this is simple: they gain pleasure from what they do. Know that you have an awesome teacher if they never tire teaching and nurturing their students.

2. Student Imitates Them

When teachers effectively inspire students, they try to emulate them. The teacher not only shares maths knowledge, but also other positive attributes. These can be time management, good manners, perseverance, and kindness. If you notice positive changes in your child’s performance and behaviour, then you are dealing with a good teacher.

3. Has Subject Expertise

This attribute makes the list for obvious reasons. Would you entrust your child’s education to an unqualified teacher? A good teacher should be an expert on the subject they are teaching. Any math problem the student brings, the teacher should be able to answer. Also, they must provide additional information to help the student grasp the lessons better. Moreover, good teachers always seek to learn more and continue growing. That’s the hallmark of succeeding as a teacher anywhere.

4. Gives Truthful Feedback

Regardless of the student’s performance, it is necessary to give honest feedback to the parent or guardian. Taking time to convey all concerns or praise to the concerned parties is what pushes students to improve. Overpraising or overcriticising should act as a red flag. Remember, teachers should be mentors, not critics.

Some are born teachers while others have to train hard to become a model teacher. Look for these characteristics in your children’s teachers. You can be sure they are not only getting the right education, but also grow up to be well-rounded individuals.