two boys drawingTaking care of a growing child is not an easy task. Making sure your child grows into a smart, kind and productive member of society is even harder. As new methods of teaching are developed, early childhood educators in child care centres are looking for ways to develop their teaching strategies. Many childcare development companies, such as Early Learning Management, offer consulting services for childcare centres to improve their methods.

Focusing on the Foundation

Children, as early as 10 months, are aware of their surroundings and are actively learning from everything around them. If your newborn has older siblings that can talk, expect that your child will be talking very early in their development. The more conversations your child hears, the better their grasp of the language. Children at early developmental stages learn quickly and grasp basic concepts quite easily. Use these first years as an opportunity to teach your child as much as you want about the things that they want to learn.

Music, Play and Other Activities

A young child is actively seeking stimulus and constantly learning. Read to your child or provide toys that can be put together and taken apart. Try to expose your child to music or give him or her a musical toy to play with. Social interaction is also very important, and you should give your child the opportunity to mingle with kids of the same age.

Habits Become Personality

Encourage your child to help around the house. Simple tasks such as sorting laundry or collecting plastic bottles and putting them into the recycling bin give your child a sense of participation and achievement. Treat your child fairly, but correct him or her when he or she commits mistakes. Encourage your child to express themselves and to speak out about their opinions. Habits that form this early, whether good or bad, tend to influence a child’s personality as they grow up.

Taking care of a child is a big responsibility. Making sure that your child grows up to be someone you can be proud of is one of the best achievements you can experience as a parent.