Attractive young woman having reiki treatment in health spaThe second level of Reiki is learned within a group setting. Reiki 2 level allows individuals to co-create with the entire universe. Essentially, this level increases one’s healing ability.

Symbols and techniques will be taught to allow distance healing. One’s mental and emotional health are similarly treated. The symbols taught to Reiki level 2 students function as various Reiki energies which individuals need to connect to.

The second symbol used in Reiki allows students to access a body’s cellular memory. Doing so allows the gentle release of any emotional or psychological issues present in the body. Reiki then re-programs the cells using healing statements that are positive.

Do distant healing

Being able to do distant healing is one of the main benefits of learning Reiki level 2 at Vagabond Temple. Anyone will be able to do Reiki with people who are not physically present within the same space as the Reiki practitioner.

This level guides students to a deeper understanding of Reiki’s ancient methods. Diseases will not just be healed; a Reiki practitioner will be able to transcend space and time. Your awareness of your deep self will be further developed, and you can easily help improve other people’s lives, not just your own.

 Other benefits of Reiki level 2

Knowledge of Reiki level 2 allows the clearing of one’s depression, anxiety, and phobias. Psychological problems are also treated and relationships similarly improve.

One easily gets to manifest their life goals using Reiki level 2. A house can similarly be cleansed. Specifically, any negative energies are cleaned and cleared from dwellings or places of business. Bad habits are also removed. This level of Reiki also helps create a joyful and productive atmosphere at work.

All in all, when studying Reiki level 2, expect your energy flow to intensify. Remember that Reiki can be used anytime, and every time to heal anyone.