Tenancy agreement and key with symbolic house keyringYou may be investing in Section 8 housing or turnkey properties offered by financial institutions such as Americas Housing Alliance, LLC, and you have a tenant about to move into a vacant rental. What do you do?

As the landlord of the property, you have some responsibilities to fulfill to smoothen out the move for yourself and your tenant. This is because the smoother the move, the fewer misunderstandings and complaints during the moving day and later.

Fix Any Damages or Issues

Speaking of complaints, tenants will usually grab your attention because of property damage or disrepair. Before your tenant even moves in, you can already have these damages fixed, if there are any. Repair becomes even more urgent if your property has health or safety issues.

By resolving these damages and issues, you not only protect your tenant, but you also set your property up to pass property inspections.

Clean the Place Up

Besides fixing any damages and issues, you can clean up your property. You can replace the air conditioners filters. You can beautify the landscape of the property. You can replace light fixtures with new ones.

You can also paint walls, doors, and other interior or exterior elements that need a fresh coat of paint.

Add in New Patio Furniture

Do you want to make a good impression on your new tenant? You can slip in new patio furniture set for your tenants, who will most likely have no patio furniture of their own. You can buy a new yet affordable set that will already be appreciated by your tenant.

The set will also be a good investment for years to come.

Other Tasks

Other responsibilities you need to fulfill include going over the lease agreement with your tenant. You can also subsequently get the first month’s rent as well as the security deposit. You need a property inspector to inspect your property as well if you have a Section 8 rental.

Finally, you can give your contact info to your tenant, and fulfill any requests your tenant may have.

With the list above, your tenant’s moving day will be a breeze.