It wasn’t a very long time ago when interior design was something people didn’t take quite seriously. Why would you want to pay someone else to decide how the inside of your home looked like? People can do so themselves over the weekend. Interior design was relegated as a non-essential occupation, ‘professionals’ that only people with too much money hire to occupy time.

interior design

If the perception continued, the profession wouldn’t have lasted much longer. That was the case until cable TV showed everyone that designing is a lot harder than it looks.

Today, the industry has become so big that interior design companies such as Million Dollar Makeovers in Australia actually influence the housing market. Anyone can tell at a glance how far these companies had gotten, from being compared to personal shoppers, to where they are today.

Most staff consist not only of designers; there are project managers, site supervisors, and dozens upon dozens of trades people and contractors. Interior design companies effectively reverses the fortunes of a home by making it more valuable, which only helps the local property market.

A fully designed home also changes the lifestyle of the people who live in it. If everything around you looks like a million dollars, you can’t help but act like a million dollars, too.