Trailer Truck at Maintenance RoomA trailer truck is a huge vehicle that requires a lot of effort and dedication to maintain it. Because it travels long distances, takes on all kinds of weather conditions, and transports all sorts of heavy goods and items, it’s prone to some major and minor damages. You may need the services of a welding company in Edmonton to weld any damaged frames, or you can simply give it a nice, pressurized wash to remove the build-up of dirt and grime. There are many different ways to maintain your trailer truck. Here are five essentials to get you started.

1. Tire Checks

Your truck’s tires are a huge expense if they’re not maintained properly. The best way to keep them in shape is to have them properly inflated at all times. Know the right air pressure to make your tires last longer.

2. Suspension Inspection

A simple visual check can help you determine if there’s anything wrong with your suspensions. Look for cracks in the air springs or any signs of wear and tear. Also, make sure that nothing touches the suspension or interferes with its movement.

3. Proper Lubrication

The right kind and the right amount of grease is essential in keeping your trailer operating properly. Debris can stick to the grease, so make sure to put enough new grease remove the old, debris-filled grease.

4. Brake and Light Checks

As it is with all other vehicles, checking your brakes and lights is crucial before heading out. Making sure they’re all working will prevent any unpleasant run-ins with road authorities.

5. Security Checks

Winches, tiedown straps, ratches and chains must all be in proper condition at all times. Check for holes, tears or rust and make sure they are dealt with immediately.

No matter how sturdy trailers are built today, they still need proper care and regular maintenance to ensure the safety of your drivers and cargo. Follow these tips, and you can keep your trailer truck in top shape for a long time, rain or shine.