Keyboard with keys highlighting the letters for SEOWhen looking for SEO service providers, there are various factors to consider. These include the SEO approach they use, as well as the methods, philosophies, and tools they employ to improve their client websites’ rankings.

There are three methods that SEO firms use. These are called “hats,” that distinguish one SEO expert from another.

Black Hat

Also known as SEO spamming, Black Hat SEO focuses on creating websites that aim to rank higher by tricking or manipulating search engines. The method depends a lot on automation to generate many low-quality pages, and get irrelevant links from other sites. As expected, this type of SEO approach results to irrelevant search engine rankings.

The advantage of Black Hat SEO is that it can get high rankings for your website within a short timeframe. But, it is not a sound strategy as far as web design quality is concerned. Worse, if search engines discover that you are manipulating their search results, your site may get banned. If your only goal is to make the top pages of search results fast, without regard for your users’ needs, then Black Hat SEO may be for you.

White Hat

White Hat Denver SEO service providers put a premium on providing high-quality and relevant content. They also take advantage of using effective marketing techniques to help websites rank high on search engine results pages.

Companies that use White Hat techniques focus on content that will attract actual human visitors to your site, and not search engines. High-quality content will allow your site to get inbound links from various websites that are relevant to your niche.

White Hat is, without a doubt, the better SEO approach. Because it does not violate SEO guidelines, your site will not be at risk of getting blacklisted. Your site will also stand to benefit from a higher conversion rate because your visitors will find the information you offer useful.

Simply put, Black Hat SEO is bad, and White Hat SEO is good. While it may take a bit more effort to make your site rank higher with White Hat SEO, the results will all be worth it in the end.