A table that has a small pile of diamonds along with a magnifier and a pair of tweezers Sometimes diamonds aren’t forever. If you are thinking of selling an unwanted diamond ring or jewelry, why not have them valued at a diamond brokers and see how much money you could make? Surprise yourself!

Unfortunately, not all love affairs last forever and if your big ‘I do’, has ended in a big ‘I don’t’, and you want to clear the closet of its spider webs by passing on things that remind you of the past. Instead of selling your stuff online and paying auction fees or being disappointed by the low amount of the winning bid, you could visit the diamond brokers who can value your items and pay you a competitive price for them.

Don’t Want to Pawn Your Jewelry? There is a Solution

If you’re not sure if the split is permanent and you don’t want to pawn your diamond jewelry but you need money to tide you over, there is another solution. You could take out a loan and use your diamonds as collateral against the loan so as long as you pay back the loan as agreed, you won’t have to sell your diamonds.

Part Exchange Your Diamonds

If you’re looking for some different jewelry to mark a new start, you can bring in your old and unwanted pieces and put them towards the cost of some new (but pre-loved) pieces. There is a selection of previously owned diamond jewelry at affordable prices for you to choose from.

Starting Out with Someone New? You Need a New Ring

If you’ve been engaged to someone new, there is a great range of beautiful engagement rings with a lower price tag than you would find in a high street jeweler.

For more information about pawning your diamonds, taking out a loan or viewing our range of affordable second-hand jewelry, speak to a diamond broker who would be happy to assist you.