canopy made of polycarbonate arc in a schoolSchool canopies serve a double purpose in schools. Apart from giving protection against the elements, they provide extra space for other school activities. There are two general types of school canopies in terms of use, and they are entrance and outdoor, with the latter having several sub-types.

It is helpful to know these types of school canopies here in the UK, which experiences a long wet season. This is why getting acquainted with the type of canopy to shelter your kids and their activities under the rain are even more important.

Entrance Canopies

Entrance canopies are the most common among school canopies as they primarily bring shade and protection. It is very useful when keeping students or a line of entering students shielded from the sun or the rain.

Normally, these canopies match the school’s architectural or structural design, colour, and historical style. An entrance canopy adds some elegance to a building, as well as a professional look.

Outdoor Canopies

An increasingly common canopy, especially during the past few decades, are outdoor canopies. Although still built for shielding children from the sun and rain, these canopies are mostly for extending a school building for activities and events.

Some of the common outdoor canopies are:

1. Playground canopy, which is used as an indoor playground especially during hot or rainy days;
2. Walkway canopy, which is built to cover walkways;
3. Play area canopy, which is mainly for the use of younger children during play and recreation;
4. Dining area, which provides sitting when eating lunch or snacks; and a
5. Nursery canopy, which is for the youngest schoolchildren.

Outdoor canopies are extremely useful as people can use them as multi-purpose areas. If not utilised as a play area or a dining area, it can hold classes and host other events.