a dentist workingDeciding to whiten teeth becomes a lot easier and more accessible with affordable options like over-the-counter teeth whitening products. As they are readily available at many shops and stores, it is so convenient to hold on to what they promise, instead of paying a visit to see a cosmetic dentist.

Inconsistent and Disappointing Results

Despite claims that they can brighten your choppers after several uses, many of these whitening products do not offer consistent results. The truth is, they are only effective in removing surface stains and will not work if you have noticeably yellow or brown teeth. They may also cause you to use the product more to get the results you wanted, but this may only lead to increased sensitivity.

Why Work with a Dentist

Teeth whitening is considered safe, but it should only be carried out by a trained professional. A consultation with a dentist will also let you know about the best whitening method that suits your needs. Cosmetic dentists in Meridian note that this can depend on some factors such as the type and severity of discoloration you have, your age and dental history, and budget for the treatment.

  • In-office whitening. This produces a dramatic result that can last longer. It may be completed within just an hour or a few visits to the dentist, depending on the procedure used. The whitening products used in an in-office treatment also have greater concentrations of hydrogen peroxide than those available over the counter.
  • At-home treatment. This involves the use of custom-fit trays that you can use at home. You will then need to put whitening get into the trays and wear them for about 30 minutes to an hour daily (as recommended by the dentist) for a certain period to brighten your smile.

Don’t Do it Excessively

When done safely and with caution, whitening will not harm your choppers. You should note, however, that excessive efforts like using whitening strips almost daily can result in increased tooth sensitivity. You shouldn’t also schedule your next whitening appointment just after a few months, as overdoing it can damage the gum and strip away your enamel.

While there are cases where over-the-counter products may seem to be whitening your teeth, they have limited powers. If you want a safe and effective way to change the color of your smile, see a cosmetic dentist.