Wood Flooring in Orange CountyDomestically grown species such as American Cherry, White Ash, Mesquite, White Oak, and Red Oak are popular choices or flooring. If you ask hardwood floor maintenance and installation professionals, they will remind you that Red Oak is still the most popular selection in the United States.

An Attractive Proposition

The National Hardwood Lumber Association has standards for flooring grades, which are independent of wood quality. If your primary concern is appearance, then you may use the reference. Expect red oak that is flawless to be more expensive than products with visible imperfections.

Nevertheless, even with an imperfect surface, red oak is very attractive indeed. The tree itself is a head-turner, which is why it is not surprising many Americans look for red oak when they inquire about wood flooring species. With the right finishing, red oak floors will not only serve your home for many decades. You will also have the kind of flooring people in the community talk about and try to emulate.

Red Oak Qualities you Cannot Miss

There are many varieties of red oak in the United States. The pinkish color of red oak is one of its distinguishing characteristics, but there are lighter and deeper shades as well. Apart from the range of natural color selection, the wood can be stained easily, giving consumers more options. The strong graining of red oak gives it a more formidable look than white oak. In terms of grain, you have to select from rift sawn, plain sawn, and quarter sawn. The choice will depend on the aesthetic requirements. You will find out solid hardwood flooring planks are sold in a mixture of all three types of grain for variety in Orange County, CA.

Although white oak has a higher hardness rating on the Janka scale than red oak (1360 and 1290, respectively), the latter is still more popular. Aside from positive qualities already mentioned above, it lends well to high traffic usage. Find the best hardwood floor maintenance professionals in the area to help you care for your investment.